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Complete market research system

The world’s becoming smaller. Companies need to find out what folks in London or Lebanon or Los Angeles think about their products. Qualitative market research company Criteria wanted to extend their market research programmes by capturing and profiling research from the web.

We worked with them to implement a complete market research system which has allowed them to capture and profile individuals easier. The system is optimised to work on desktop PCs and tablets.

Project feature

Secure Data Synchronisation

Data captured online is synchronised to the client's office database, where it can then be analysed in whatever way they want, segmented, and reports or further surveys can be carried out if needed.

Project Feature

About Criteria

Criteria Fieldwork is a dedicated qualitative fieldwork agency. Their role is to find people that match certain criteria and arrange for them to participate in focus groups and other qualitative market research.

Established in 1996, the company has grown to become one of the largest dedicated qualitative fieldwork agencies in the UK, providing high-quality recruitment coupled with unrivalled personal service.