PCI Approved Hosting for ecommerce websites Increase uptime, speed and reliability of your website

Nothing should get in the way of 24/7 online trading

Powerful, reliable hosting is essential for business continuity, even when you experience peaks in traffic. eplatforms offers personalised web hosting services to increase the uptime, speed and reliability of your ecommerce website. We have deep knowledge of hosting based on more than a decade of implementing ecommerce functions and advising businesses on ecommerce.

Hosting for ecommerce websites

Our experts will provide resilient hosting for your ecommerce website

Let us take care of your hosting, so you can concentrate on making your business a success and on supplying customers with the service level they expect. Our experienced team will work with you to understand the best hosting option for your website’s optimum performance. We’ll match your ecommerce requirements to the right hosting service then proactively monitor system performance, staying one step ahead of any security threats.

With our hosting service, we build in enough ‘breathing space’ to avoid the need for any later re-development. Your website won’t be limited by space so you can rest assured you’ll be able to add features and functions as your business grows.

  • securely – our servers are located at key locations worldwide
  • so that it adapts to spikes in traffic so you trade continuously, regardless of external factors
  • even when your website is media heavy
  • according to industry best practice
  • guaranteeing maximum uptime
  • to ensure speed – servers will automatically ‘switch’ to the nearest server to a visitor’s location, avoiding traffic ‘bottle necks’

Remove barriers to trading

Boost the reliability and speed of your website